Halil Sartekin, born in 1959, studied philosophy at the University of Istanbul. He later moved to Switzerland where along with his wife they founded the company Kelim Jewelry Design in 1992. In the following year they created an atelier together with their nephews Hasan Özkulu and Gültekin Sartekin in the center of Istanbul. Here they put their hearts and souls into the production of their personal designs. The family-owned enterprise established itself quickly in the international market and now provides individualized service to more than 2000 clients spread over five continents and 32 countries.

The timeless collection always presents itself in a pure and elegant form and never looses its playful components. The Kelim Jewelry Collection is in itself very harmonious, but every piece of jewelry can be worn independently or in combination with other pieces of the collection. In addition, most of the models are available on request in Gold 585.


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